Paul Ryan Effect: Latest Florida Presidential Polls Give Romney Lead

                Paul Ryan Effect: Latest Florida Presidential Polls Give Romney Lead

                                The latest poll from Gravis Marketing confirms the close race between Obama and Romney with Romney following the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate. The poll was conducted with 728 likely voters in the state of Florida on August 20th.
                Florida has long been a critical state for the presidential election, with 29 electoral votes for the 2012 election year.

Impact of Religion
                So, what's at root for the slight lead? Religion has an effect, with Romney winning the two biggest groups (Catholics and Protestants). Obama, however, takes the votes for the non-affiliated and Jewish voters.

                In general, Romney wins the older religious voter but Obama clinches the vote of the younger religious voters within particular categories. Obama, for example, takes the win in all age groups among Roman Catholics, but since Romney wins the large voting bloc of the 50+ voter, he wins the entire group.

Impact of Gender- Presidential and Senate Race
            On the whole, Romney and Obama are split fairly even among the genders, although men seem to prefer Romney over Obama. 22.2% of male voters plan to vote for Romney as compared with 16.7% with plans to vote for Obama. Senate candidate Bill Nelson comes out as the winner for women, while the male vote is still split.

Rick Scott's Ratings
            The poll also covered voter perception of Rick Scott's performance thus far. Based on this poll, Scott comes in with a 35% approval rating, garnering the most support from religious groups. As expected, the non-religious groups make up the majority of those who disapprove of Scott's performance thus far.

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