Gender Breakdown: Influence of Sex on Romney/Obama Presidential Polls

Florida- Full Results- Gravis Marketing 9/2/12 Poll




(U.S. Election Atlas, 2008 Presidential by-state results)
                Florida's swing state status in 2008 proved an important win for Barack Obama, where he eventually received a narrow lead over McCain (taking 50.9% of the vote to McCain's 48.1%).
                The latest Gravis Marketing poll illustrates that the tight race continues, but Romney has a narrow edge; the telephone survey of 1288 likely voters in Florida gives Romney 48%, compared with Obama's 46.7%.  The Republican National Convention appears to have had little to no impact on Romney's take since the Gravis August 20th poll. The convention did, however, improve the lead of Bill Nelson for the Senate race, increasing his support to 43.4% from 41.6%.
                Men overwhelmingly support Romney, with 53.9% planning to vote for the former Massachusetts governor. Women, on the other hand, throw their support to Obama, with 51.1% planning to vote for the incumbent president. Sex was an important factor in Obama's success from 2008, with him winning 51% of males and 52% of females (Source: New York Times Florida Election Results 2008). In that election, Obama also clinched the 18-29 age group with 61% of that section showing him favor, and winning the 45-64 category in Florida. The two factors of age and sex could be deciding factors again this year.

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