Gravis Marketing-Washington State Poll

Results indicate President Obama has a 17.8 percent lead with 56.4 percent of respondents very likely, likely or somewhat likely to pull the lever in the President's favor. Challenger Mitt Romney captured favor from 38.6 percent of respondents, who were very likely (35.3 percent), likely (1.1 percent) or somewhat likely (2.2 percent) to cast their vote for the challenger.

Interestingly, only 5 percent of participants fell into the typically important category of undecided. The major question: "If the presidential election were held today, whom would you vote for?"

Seven prior questions that identified the demographics of the survey group helped define the profiles of respondents. Not surprisingly, the President captured 86.3 percent of respondents who consider themselves Democrats. The Romney camp received the nod from 76.1 percent of those who consider themselves Republicans.

The all-important Independent voters gave Obama a much tighter 39.6 percent to 35.6 percent edge. Caucasian voters gave the President a 50.3 to 36.3 percent lead. 47.4 percent of those of other ethnic groups are likely to vote for Obama, while 30.9 percent of other racial groups favor Romney.

Four of five identified religious groups, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and "Other," favored Obama, while the group, Protestant/other non-denominational Christian, preferred Romney 50.0 percent to 35.3 percent for the President.

Age and sex of respondents played only modest roles in differentiating the candidates. For example, there is little distinction with the preferences of men versus women. Men responded with a 54.9 percent to 35.8 percent advantage for Obama, while women preferred the President 57.8 percent to 38.5 percent. The only age-related surprise involved younger voters (age 18 to 29), who gave Romney a 48 percent to 38 percent advantage.

Stay tuned.

Report, Washington, Sep 25,2012

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