Gravis Post Convention Florida Poll

After a September 2 telephone poll of 1200 likely or somewhat likely voters in Florida, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney maintains a slight lead over current President Barack Obama. With a 2.7% margin of error, Romney earned 48.0% of the vote to Obama’s 46.7%.

The Republican National Convention, held in Tampa, did not help Romney’s campaign gain ground in Florida. During the last poll, taken on August 20, voters gave him 48% to Obama’s 45%. The polls also measured voters based on gender. Overall, male voters support Romney while women voters support Obama.

Slightly more than 5% of the polled voters remain undecided. In the polls, 2.3% of undecided voters expressed interest in voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. His name will be on the ballots in all 50 states, and the votes from Florida could swing the election results.

In addition to the Presidential race, voters will choose a United States Senator. Republican Connie Mack and Democrat Bill Nelson, the current Senator, are competing for the position. Polls give Nelson a 43.4% lead over Mack’s 41.6%. The August poll results gave Nelson 46% of the votes to Mack’s 38%. If voters follow through and vote along the poll’s results, Democrat Nelson will retain his Senate seat.

In the same September 2 poll, voters expressed their opinion toward current Republican Governor Rick Scott. Based on the voters’ responses, he received an approval rating of 33.9%. During the August poll, his approval rating sat at 35%. Likewise, his disapproval rate rose from 38% in August to 40.1% now. Because he holds the office until 2014, he still had time to make changes that increase his approval rating.

Gravis Florida (September 2, 2012) Presidential Poll

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