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Next to the upcoming 2012 presidential election, the George Zimmerman murder case is hot news all across the country, and especially in Florida. While Zimmerman claims he pulled the trigger of his gun in self-defense, not everyone agrees with the 28-year old's rationale for doing so.

Is George Zimmerman guilty murder because of shooting Trayvon Martin? That's what Gravis Marketing wanted to know when they took to the phones to conduct a questionnaire among 1,728 Florida voters on the evenings of September 15th and 16th, 2012.

Overall, 33 percent feel that Zimmerman is guilty of murder while 29 percent say he is not guilty. A whopping 37 percent declined to give an opinion stating that they were unsure or didn't know enough about the murder case to answer the question.

Breaking down the numbers by race, 58 percent of Blacks believe that Zimmerman is guilty while 28 percent of Whites, 39 percent of Hispanics and 41 percent of Asians believe the same. Asians were least likely to believe that George Zimmerman is innocent with just 10 percent responding with "not guilty." Only 24 percent of Blacks, 21 percent of Hispanics and 33 percent of Whites agreed.

When the numbers are looked at according to religion, one-third of those who claim to be religious, either Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant or not specified, believe that Zimmerman is guilty. Thirty-seven percent are unsure while 29 percent say he's not guilty.

More Democrats than Republicans or Independents feel that Zimmerman is indeed guilty with the percentages being 21, 6 and 5 percent, respectively. When it comes to saying he's not guilty, the numbers from Democrats and Republicans are nearly turned with 20 percent of Republicans saying "not guilty" and only 5 percent of Democrats giving the same response. Independents were just behind the Democrats with 4 percent.

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