Polls in Key Swing States Show Mixed Results for Candidates

Winter Springs, Florida (October 26, 2012) – A survey of likely voters in the key swing states of Nevada, North Carolina, Florida and Iowa reveals that the 2012 race for president between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is tighter than ever, with a shrinking percentage of likely voters remaining undecided and therefore open to persuasion from either campaign.

In Iowa, Barack Obama currently leads Mitt Romney by four percentage points (50-46). In North Carolina, the survey revealed Governor Romney enjoys an eight-point lead among likely voters (53-45). The survey of Nevada and Florida voters showed a near dead heat in both states, with President Obama receiving 50 percent support among likely voters and Romney receiving 49 percent in Nevada and the opposite result in Florida.
As the candidates campaign for the all-important undecided voters, there appears to be fewer of them. At four percent, Iowa had the highest percentage. North Carolina and Iowa had three percent and two percent, respectively. Florida also had just two percent undecided.

And the outlook for swaying undecided voters appears even more dire for the campaigns when it comes to women, whom both candidates are courting heavily. In Nevada, President Obama has a six-point lead among likely women voters in the survey (53-47), with zero percent undecided. Among women in North Carolina and Florida, the candidates have equal support among women (49-49), with two percent undecided. Only in Iowa do women still seem to be considering either candidate, with five percent undecided. However, women in Iowa appear to heavily favor the president (59-36).

The survey also asked likely voters about approval of President Obama’s performance and the direction of the country. The president received the highest approval (47 percent) in Iowa and the lowest (42 percent) in Iowa. A nearly half of likely voters in Iowa (47 percent) and Nevada (48 percent) and a slight majority in North Carolina (51 percent) believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.
Gravis Marketing conducted an automated survey of 517 likely voters in Iowa, 1,723 likely voters in North Carolina, 1182 likely voters in Florida and 955 voters in Nevada on October 24, 2012 The margins of error are +/-4.3%, +/-3.2% , +/- 3.2% and +/-2.4%, respectively.
The poll was conducted on behalf of Gravis Marketing, Inc. Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan marketing and research firm located in Winter Springs, Florida.
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