Gravis Poll of Virginia Voters Shows Dead-Heat in Presidential Race, Allen with Slight Lead for Senate

A public opinion poll of likely voters by in Virginia conducted by Gravis Marketing on October 26, 2012, shows President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in a dead-heat struggle in this crucial swing state. The poll also found that Republican Senate candidate George Allen holds a narrow lead (48-46) over rival Democrat Tim Kaine, but with the margin of error at +/-3.9 percent and with five percent of voters still undecided, the Senate race is a statistical dead heat.
With 13 electoral votes at stake in the Old Dominion, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are campaigning furiously for each and every vote.
The poll results reveal men favor Governor Romney (49-46), while women voters slightly favor the president (50-48). Yet the numbers for undecided voters tell the more interesting story. Some five percent of male voters have yet to decide, whereas just two percent of women voters appear to be considering either candidate. Among independent voters, Romney has a substantial lead (58-31), with 11 percent remaining undecided.
The race for Senate in Virginia has turned into a raucous battle that could help determine whether the GOP gains full control of the legislative branch. With more than $14 million spent on ads to date, it is the most expensive Senate race in the country. Until recently, Kaine had maintained a slight lead in the polls to retain the seat for the Democrats, which is opening up due to the impending retirement of Democratic Sen. Jim Webb.
The Gravis poll shows men and independent voters favoring Republican candidate George Allen by significant margins—(51-43) and (57-32), respectively. However, 11 percent of independents have yet to decide between the two men. Tim Kaine holds a slight advantage with women voters (49-46).

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