Iowa Poll Results

While it may be small in size, the state of Iowa is an important swing state which both parties are looking to win. According to the most recent numbers from a poll done by Gravis Marketing, President Obama is leading the race with approximately 50 percent of poll respondents saying that the President will get their vote in 2012. However, Romney isn't too far behind, with 46 percent of voters backing him, and 4 percent are still undecided. With just over a week until Election Day, the race is close, and could be anyone's game, but there's a strong likelihood that the President will win in the Buckeye State.

Obama made a strong impact with his Iowa debut in 2008 as it was one of the first states which he targeted. He  worked hard to create, and expand, his large network of supporters in the state. His efforts paid off, and he beat out Senator Hillary Clinton and John Edwards to win the 2008 Iowa Caucus. This gave him a helpful dose of momentum and propelled him to his current place in the White House. This year, he's capitalizing on his previous work in the state and hoping to win it again.

While Romney also has a dedicated group of supporters, his performance in Iowa's Republican caucus in both 2008 and 2012 haven't been as exceptional. In 2008 he lost by a significant margin to Governor Mike Huckabee and again in 2012, Romney came in second. This time loosing to Rick Santorum by 34 votes.

There's a possibility that the President may lose to Romney in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, but Obama can make up for it by taking the states of Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada--four of the major swing states, which have nearly equal numbers of voters who are Republican, Democrat or Independent/Other. By focusing his campaign strategy on key areas in which large numbers of undecided voters live, and targeting demographics that are likely to win him a second term--Hispanic people and middle-aged suburban women--Obama has a good shot at winning in Iowa. Iowa Poll Results

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