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Gravis Marketing latest poll in the state of Colorado. The poll was conducted after the recent debate

A poll by non-partisan research firm Gravis Marketing, following the October 3rd presidential debate, shows Mitt Romney with a slight edge over President Barack Obama with voters in the state of Colorado. The poll, conducted October 3rd - October 4th, indicates a turnaround from the September 25th poll by Gravis, which showed President Obama as having a slight lead with Colorado voters.
In the wake of the first presidential debate between the candidates, both Obama and Romney lost “very likely” voters. While Romney lost only 0.2 percent of voters in the category, though, President Obama dropped 4.4 percent. The October 3rd - October 4th poll has Romney edging out President Obama 43.2 percent to 41.2 percent in the category of voters “very likely” to vote for the candidate. This represents an almost even turnaround from the September 25th poll, in which voters indicated a preference for President Obama, with 45.6 percent of voters saying they were “very likely” to vote for the current president and 43.4 percent of voters saying they were “very likely” to vote for Republican nominee Romney.
President Obama did gain in the category of “likely” voters by 1.2 percent, but Romney had a higher gain in “likely” voters, with the Republican candidate adding 2.7 percent to his total. Romney also gained voters in the “somewhat likely” category, adding 1.3 percent of voters, while President Obama lost 1.1 percent of the voters who were “somewhat likely” to vote for him in the September 25th poll.
Overall, the post-debate poll shows Romney with a 3.4 percent lead over President Obama, a marked contrast from the September 25th pre-debate poll, which gave President Obama a 4.7 percent lead in the state.
The Gravis Marketing poll conducted October 3rd - October 4th included 1,438 likely Colorado voters. Voters identifying as Republican made up 31.9 percent of poll-takers, voters identifying as Democrat made up 28.3 percent of poll-takers, and 39.8 percent of poll-takers indicated no affiliation with either party. Of the 1,438 participants, 1,285 responded to the question regarding their choice for president, with 4.8 percent of respondents declaring themselves “undecided.”
The margin of error for the Gravis Marketing poll is 2.8 percent.
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Report Final Colorado 10-3-2012

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