Nevada Voters Favor Obama By Slight Margin

On the evening of October 3, 2012, Gravis Marketing research firm took a survey of 1,006 people who are likely to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election in Nevada. The poll was conducted only with individuals who are registered to vote and the following results are from people who indicated that they were likely to vote.

The results for president came in very close with Obama leading 48.9 percent to Romney's 47.8 percent with 3.3 percent of voters still undecided. In the vote for the United States Senate seat which is up for grabs, incumbent Dean Heller leads challenger Shelley Berkley 52.5 to 35.8 percent while about 12 percent are undecided still.

Among those polled, 85 percent of those who indicated that they are Democrats said they will vote for Obama while 88 percent of Republicans said that their vote is going to Romney. Of those who are undecided, Obama is the favorite by a narrow margin with 49 percent leaning towards him and 44 towards Romney. Looking at the survey based on race, whites favor Romney to Obama, 51 to 46 percent, while blacks are more likely to vote for Obama over Romney, 59 to 34 percent, respectively. Hispanics are also more likely to vote for Obama with 63 percent over Romney's 37 percent. Those who specified their race as "other" are planning to vote just the opposite with 66 percent favoring Romney and 30 percent favoring Obama.

A higher percent of Catholics, Jews and those who classify their religion as "other" plan to vote for Obama with the percentages being 59, 63 and 52, respectively. Protestants and Muslims, 58 and 66 percent respectively, say that they'll vote for Romney. When it comes to age, people in the 30-49 age group report that they'll vote for Obama, while voters in the other age groups, 18-29 and 50 and over, prefer Romney by a slight margin.

Full Nevada Poll

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