Romney Up 2 In Latest National Poll

Recent National Poll Shows Romney With A 2 point Lead

Governor Mitt Romney 46% President Barack Obama 44%

Results are in from a national automated poll of 805 likely voters conducted Thursday, October 18. The poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, and it shows Governor Romney with a 46% to 44% lead over President Obama. A significant amount (10%) of these likely voters are still shown as undecided.

The poll, on the heels of Tuesday’s presidential debate continues to show a wide gender gap. While the president leads Romney with women voters by 11 percentage points, Romney’s edge with men is 16 percentage points.
This latest national Gravis survey poll shows that currently Romney leads among independent voters 42% to 34%, however nearly 1 in 4 (24%) of independents remain undecided.   
The poll indicates that Romney has solidified his base, with 95% of Republicans indicating they will vote for him. Only 83% of Democrats have lined up behind the president. That leaves room for the president to make strides solidifying his base in these closing weeks.

While some national polls are showing results as varied as a 6% Romney lead to a 3% Obama lead, this latest national Gravis Poll closely follows the results of the Real Clear Politics Poll. The RCP poll combines surveys from 8 polling organizations. Real Clear Politics shows Romney with a 47.6% to 46.9% lead.
The margin for error in the Gravis Poll is +/- 3.4%. Gravis Marketing is a political polling and market research firm located in Winter Springs Florida. Gravis Marketing provides polls, market research and political consulting services. 

Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan company that uses automated phone calls, live telephone interviews, and internet panels for the different polls that they conduct. Gravis offers services such as direct mail, telephone town hall, automated and live polling, market research, consulting, and call center services.

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