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Gravis Marketing Releases Final Polls in Battleground States/ National Election

The final Gravis Marketing polls are in for the 2012 presidential race and the national results are showing a virtual dead-heat between the candidates. In a survey of 872 likely voters conducted November 3-5, 2012, the automated survey shows that Obama leads with early voters by 8%, while Romney has a 2% edge with those who have yet to cast their ballot. When the numbers are compiled, it is a virtual tie at 49% each. This national survey has a +/- 3.4% error of margin. Throughout the election season the Gravis Marketing Poll has been closely mirroring the Real Clear Politics combination poll of 8 national polling services.

What is just as significant are the final results from key states that Gravis marketing has put together within the final few hours of this election season. Here are some of the important final state results in the Gravis Marketing Poll:

Ohio: Obama 49% - Romney 48%

The final automated surveys were conducted Nov. 4 and 5, 2012, from a pool of 1316 likely voters. There is a 2.7% margin of error.This survey shows that President Obama is on track to win Ohio by a single percentage point at 49% to 48%. The President holds a significant lead with women at 54%-43% while Governor Romney does well with men at 53%-44%.

Florida: Obama 49% - Romney 49%

The Gravis Marketing Poll’s last survey from this battleground state conducted November 4 and 5th, shows a virtual tie. In its automatic survey conducted of 1,060 likely voters in Florida (with a +/- 3.1% margin of error) Gravis is showing each candidate with 49% of the vote.
Half of the voters indicated by this survey in Florida said they have already voted. Of those that have voted, President Obama hold a 52%-47% lead, while Romney holds a similar 50%-46% lead for voters still waiting to cast their ballots.

Pennsylvania: Obama 49% - Romney 46%

The final (Nov. 4) Pennsylvania survey is from 1060 likely voters with a +/- 3% error of margin of error.The survey shows President Obama with a 3% lead at 49%-46%. Romney has a strong 11% edge with men (53%-42%) in the Keystone State, while Obama has a 16% lead with women (56%-40%). This is a gender gap that is seen in state after state.

North Carolina – Romney 50% - Obama 46%

The final automated survey was conducted over November 4th and 5th, 2012 and involved 1,130 likely voters in North Carolina with a +/- 2.9% margin of error.
While the president leads by 2% in early voting (49%-47%) the governor leads Obama by a whopping 10% in those who have yet to cast their ballots (53%-43%).

New Hampshire – Obama 50% - Romney 49%

With just 1% of undecided voters, New Hampshire appears to be going for the President. In the Gravis Survey conducted on November 1, 2012, 497 likely voters were interviewed in an automated survey. The Romney dominance with men continued to show here with Romney getting support of 12% more men (55%-43%) and Obama once again doing well with women voters 55%-44%.

The Gravis Poll indicates what other polls are showing, a presidential race too close to call. With Florida in a virtual dead heat and Ohio within 1%, Americans may have to brace themselves for another long ballot counting process.

 Iowa- Obama 49%-Romney 44%

In Iowa, Gravis marketing polled 594 likely voters. Of those surveyed, Obama leads by 4%, but 6% of voters remain undecided. Obama leads both men and women voters with 48% of men favoring him and 50% of women favoring him. Only 13% of Democrats planned to vote for Republican challenger Romney while 16% of Republicans planned to vote for Obama. Among Independents, Romney has a 5% lead with 19% of Independents still undecided.

In Iowa, there was an almost even split between people who approved of Obama's job performance and those who approved of the direction the country was headed in general. 45% of those polled claimed to be satisfied while 45% were unsatisfied.

Gravis Marketing is a nonpartisan marketing and research firm based in Winter Springs, Florida.
Surveys are conducted by Gravis Marketing, an organization that provides polls, market research and political consulting services.

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