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Romney and Obama Poll: Nearly Even

Obama and Romney Poll: Nearly Even Colorado: Romney has slight lead; Obama maintains support on key issues             An August 9 th poll completed by Gravis Marketing confirms the tight race between Romney and Obama. The poll of 607 people across the state of Colorado gives Romney a 1% lead over Obama. The same poll also calculates Obama’s disapproval rating at 52.5%.   Out of the 52.5% who disapprove of Obama’s presidency,2% still plan to vote for the incumbent president despite their disapproval of his performance thus far.             Those who disapproved and are unsure of their vote at this time have the greatest potential to affect the election; of the 8% who are unsure of their vote, 5% of those citizens disapprove of Obama’s performance.             The most important issues in the election is the economy, as expected, with 35%. Romney wins on this issue with a 14% advantage. Obama has the lead on the 2 nd place issue of tax fairness, garnering the greatest