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Akin Impact: Will Akin's Comments Affect the Presidential Race?

 The most recent Missouri poll from Gravis Marketing surveyed likely voters in the state to link Congressman Akin's recent statements about rape to the presidential race. Akin's statements concerned pregnancy and rape; the Congressman articulated that in "real" cases of rape, the female body would protect itself from getting pregnant. The disagreement with this statement crosses party lines: Despite the potential connections to voting party, the consensus seems the same: disagreement with Akin's statement. After a week of more promising poll results for Mitt Romney,(generally giving him a slight lead over Obama in the impending election), the developments surrounding Akin's comments  could have a potential backlash effect on the Republican ticket. The GOP has already called for Akin's resignation from the Missouri Senate Race.  Full results from the latest Gravis Marketing poll can be found here . 

Congressman Todd Akin: Should He Resign Over Rape Comments?

On the afternoon and early evening of August 23, 2012, Gravis Marketing conducted a survey of 1,057 individuals in the state of Missouri.  The questions covered preference for the presidential candidates and Congressman Todd Akin.    Gender  Overall, 40% of men and 43% of women think Akin should step down in light of his recent comments about rape. A larger percentage of men (at 46%) do not think Akin should step down. Obama Vs. Romney: Presidential Race 2012  Romney has an overwhelming majority of support in Missouri, receiving 53% respondent support as opposed to Obama's 36% support. Full Results

Latest Akin Poll: Should He Resign Over Rape Comments?

Here are some preliminary results on the latest Gravis Marketing poll, conducted in Missouri. Amid calls for his resignation, Gravis touched base with voters to hear their perception of Akin's recent controversial comments regarding "legitimate rape" victims avoiding pregnancy. Full results coming soon!