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Ohio and Virginia: Up for Grabs

In 2008, Virginia and Ohio were critical states for Obama's success. Both states went blue, and in both states it was critical for Obama to clinch both sexes and the majority of the age categories. The latest Gravis Marketing polls give Romney the lead in Virginia and Obama the lead in Ohio. Continue to follow our results here to get the closest gauge.

Gravis Marketing Virginia Poll: Romney Edges Out with 49% Support

 On September 8th and 9th, 2238 likely voters across the state of Virginia reveals Romney has taken a lead (47% support) by gaining the support of previously unsure voters. As mentioned before, the success of this election will likely depend on whomever is able to garner support from the "unsure" voters. In 2008, Obama took Virginia with 52.7% of the vote, and Virginia remains an important voting bloc for this election.    The poll also showed that Republican George Allen has widened his lead in the Senate race and that 53% percent of poll respondents feel America is headed in the wrong direction. There is practically no gender split on this question. Full results and contact information for this poll can be found below. Cross Tabs Virginia Polling- Gravis Marketing 9-11-12