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Florida Voters Split on Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Case

Gravis Marketing's recent September 15th and 16th poll of 1728 likely voters in Florida reveals that many people are undecided about Zimmerman's guilt; 37% are unsure of his guilt or unfamiliar with the case enough to state an opinion. By Race  58% of African American respondents felt that Zimmerman is guilty compared with 28% of white respondents. Stay tuned for Gravis Marketing's continued polling and election coverage for 2012. Florida Zimmerman Case 2

Gravis Marketing Poll Results: FL Governor

Gravis Marketing's latest poll reveals that Florida voter's are not in support of Governor Rick Scott, with over 40% of the 1728 most recently surveyed likely voters giving him a negative rating. 27% remain unsure about his performance and 33% award him a positive rating. A hypothetical matchup between Rick Scott and Buddy Dyer gives Scott the lead, but a hypothetical matchup between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist awards Crist the lead. Stay tuned for further Florida polls and the most up to date election data from Gravis Marketing. Florida (September 17, 2012 2)

Gravis Florida Poll -Obama and Romney in Dead Heat

Gravis Marketing's most recent poll on the political landscape surveyed 1728 likely voters in Florida. Romney takes a very slight lead with 47.7% and Obama comes in close behind at 47.1%. Romney also pulls a lead among independent voters. This poll illustrates the tight nature of this race and the importance of updated polls to reflect changes in voter attitudes and support. Republican Connie Mack also continues to hold her lead on the Senate race with a slight lead. Stay tuned for more Florida results and the most recent polls from Gravis. Florida (September 17, 2012 2)