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Poll on George Zimmerman Murder Case......

Next to the upcoming 2012 presidential election, the George Zimmerman murder case is hot news all across the country, and especially in Florida. While Zimmerman claims he pulled the trigger of his gun in self-defense, not everyone agrees with the 28-year old's rationale for doing so. Is George Zimmerman guilty murder because of shooting Trayvon Martin? That's what Gravis Marketing wanted to know when they took to the phones to conduct a questionnaire among 1,728 Florida voters on the evenings of September 15th and 16th, 2012. Overall, 33 percent feel that Zimmerman is guilty of murder while 29 percent say he is not guilty. A whopping 37 percent declined to give an opinion stating that they were unsure or didn't know enough about the murder case to answer the question. Breaking down the numbers by race, 58 percent of Blacks believe that Zimmerman is guilty while 28 percent of Whites, 39 percent of Hispanics and 41 percent of Asians believe the same. Asians were leas

Charlie Crist Ahead of Rick Scott in 2014 Match up

As we draw nearer to the presidential election, politicians all over the country are freely giving their opinions. Some of these are carefully calculated remarks intended to help their own future political campaigns. Floridians are already gossiping heavily about who will be elected governor there in 2014. In fact, voters have already been polled to see who would vote for whom. One poll pitted former governor Charlie Crist against current governor Rick Scott. 43.8% of voters would vote for Charlie Crist if the election was right now. 41.8% would vote for Rick Scott, and 14.4% of the voters are undecided. These numbers are close and will change many times before the actual election. It is interesting to see that neither man shows a major advantage at this point. Rick Scott is a self proclaimed “across-the-board conservative”, and supports marriage between a man and a woman. He is also pro-life and is strongly opposed to the health care reforms. Charlie Crist once called himself bo