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Battleground Ohio Poll. Obama with a Razor Thin Lead

Gravis Marketing has conducted a poll of likely voters in the State of Ohio. The questions covered the presidential and senate elections. We show President Barack Obama at 45.2% and Governor Mitt Romney at 44.3%. The Senate race shows Senator Brown with a 3.9% lead over Josh Mandel. Multiple Ohio polls have been released in the last week, all showing President Obama with a lead. The lead ranges anywhere from 7% with Fox News, while Rasmussen and ARG have Obama with a 1% point lead, similar to the poll that we conducted. One thing that stood out in this poll: Obama has a 12% lead in personal likability over Romney. The upcoming debates could be a deciding factor in the race. Gravis Marketing Polls are conducted through automated phone calls, the poll is of likely voters in the state of Ohio. Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan company, located in Winter Springs, Florida. Report, Ohio Sep 21-22, 2012(1)