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Gravis Marketing Releases Newest Colorado Presidential Voting Poll

Gravis Marketing contacted 765 likely voters in Colorado on the afternoon and evenings of September 21 and 22. Over 50 percent of those polled (50.2 percent) plan to vote for Obama while 45.5 percent of those polled plan to vote for Romney. Based on those numbers, Obama has a 4.7 percent lead among likely Colorado voters. Based on Gravis Marketing's numbers, 4.3% of those polled claimed to be undecided, but another 2.8 percent of those polled only claimed to be somewhat likely to vote for either candidate. The poll asked a series of eight questions. The first question asked whether or not the individual was registered to vote. If an individual answered no to that question, the questioning was aborted. The second question asked how likely the individual was to vote in this year's presidential election. When those numbers were taken into account, Obama's lead declined to only 1.9 percent. Subsequent questions asked individuals about their political affiliation, their r