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Latest Colorado Poll....

Gravis Marketing latest poll in the state of Colorado. The poll was conducted after the recent debate A poll by non-partisan research firm Gravis Marketing, following the October 3rd presidential debate, shows Mitt Romney with a slight edge over President Barack Obama with voters in the state of Colorado. The poll, conducted October 3rd - October 4th, indicates a turnaround from the September 25th poll by Gravis, which showed President Obama as having a slight lead with Colorado voters. In the wake of the first presidential debate between the candidates, both Obama and Romney lost “very likely” voters. While Romney lost only 0.2 percent of voters in the category, though, President Obama dropped 4.4 percent. The October 3rd - October 4th poll has Romney edging out President Obama 43.2 percent to 41.2 percent in the category of voters “very likely” to vote for the candidate. This represents an almost even turnaround from the September 25th poll, in which voters indicated a preferenc

Post Debate-Nevada Poll

Gravis Marketing Post Debate Nevada Poll. Last evening, October 3rd, Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm conducted a survey of 1,006 likely voters in Nevada regarding their likely vote for a given presidential candidate. The poll carries a margin of error of 3.1%. Overall, among likely voters, Obama holds a 1.1% lead at 48.9% compared to Romney”s 47.8%, with 3.3% of likely voters still undecided. In the Senate race, Heller holds a 52.5% to 35.8% advantage. A summary of the results is presented in the following pages.   Survey Questions 1. Are you registered to vote? (Yes, No) No crosstabs available for this question because if an individual answered no, the questionnaire stopped. 2. How likely are you to vote in this year’s presidential elections? (Very unlikely, Unlikely, Somewhat unlikely, Somewhat likely, Likely, Very likely) Notes: Each label represents a given candidates’ take of the overall row, while the size of the dot repres