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Michigan Poll Shows Close Race Between Obama and Romney

On the evenings between October 5-8, 2012, Gravis Marketing conducted telephone polls of 1,122 Michigan residents who are likely to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Among the people who were registered to vote 1387 registered voters , Obama held a greater lead over   Romney , 47.3 percent to 42.3 percent. Voters who were undecided comprised 10.4 percent of those surveyed. However, when looking at the people who are just likely to vote, the Obama's margin narrows significantly as the numbers go to 46 percent for Obama, 44.4 percent for   Romney   with 9.5 percent undecided. These numbers have changed since the last   poll   which was conducted on September 21 and 22, 2012 where 49 percent of likely voters supported Obama, 45 supported   Romney  and 4 percent were undecided. In the last two weeks, more people have become undecided as for whom they will vote come Election Day.   Romney   is the favorite among individuals who profess to be of the Catholic or Pro

Ohio Poll-Romney Leads With Likely Voters, Obama Ahead With Registered Voters

Ohio Results 10/6/2012 - 10/10/2012 A new poll of 1,594 Ohio voters who indicated that they were registered to vote in the upcoming presidential election finds that the race is very close in the Buckeye state. Among all of the likely voters, 1,313 of the poll's participants, Romney is leading with 45.9 percent of the people saying that they'd vote for him, compared to the 45.1 percent favoring Obama. A full 9 percent said that they'd vote for another candidate. However, when compared to the individuals who are registered to vote on Election Day, Obama takes the lead with 46.3 percent of the votes, while Romney has just 44.8 percent. Those who would vote for a third-party candidate came in at 8.9 percent of the poll's participants. Since the convention, this is the first time that Romney has held a lead among Ohio voters. This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing between October 6 and 10, 2012. The survey asked participants a series of 12 questions