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Florida Poll Shows Romney With A Razor Thin Lead

Gravis Marketing, Inc. Results from Survey of Florida Likely Voters Contact: Doug Kaplan: 407-242-1870 Email: Methodology Gravis Marketing a non-partisan research firm, conducted a survey of 617 likely voters on October 13-14, 2012. The margin of error for the survey is +/-4.0 % and higher for subgroups.   Results shown by gender and party represent those respondents within those subgroups. All numbers shown in the tables represent percentages rounded to the nearest whole percentage. The questions were asked in the order of the question numbers which appear in this report.  The screener and demographic questions were asked before the ballot and job performance questions. Key Findings ·          Mitt Romney holds a narrow 1-point lead over President Obama among Florida likely voters.   ·          President Obama has a 7-point net negative job performance rating in Florida. 43 percent approve and 50 percent do n

Gravis Marketing Colorado Presidential Poll Shows Obama and Romney....

Colorado Results For 10/5/2012 – 10/11/2012 Executive Summary Following the debates, Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm conducted a survey of 2,089 likely voters in Colorado on October 5 th – October 11 th regarding their likely vote for a given presidential candidate.  The poll carries a margin of error of 2.2%.    The recent results give Obama a 48.4% to 46.0% lead, with 5.6% of likely voters still undecided or voting for another candidate.  The 2.4% Obama lead is a 2.1% decline from where it stood in September .  Gravis Marketing conducted a previous poll this month right after the first debate, which gave Romney a 49.4% to 45.9% advantage.  The difference between the most recent poll and the poll immediately following the debate (total time frame for that poll was 30 minutes after completion of the debate) is thought to be due to the initial debate reaction.  The most recent results indicate the debate bump, although still the