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Pennsylvania Public Opinion Poll Shows Obama and Romney....

Results from Pennsylvania Likely Voter Survey  Key Findings ·          President Obama leads Governor Romney by 3 percentage points in Pennsylvania, 48 to 45 percent. ·          Pennsylvania independents are nearly evenly split between Governor Romney and President Obama.  41 percent of Pennsylvania independents say they would vote for Governor Romney, 39 percent say they would vote for President Obama and 20 percent say they are undecided. ·          There is a 10 percentage point gender gap in Pennsylvania. President Obama leads with women by 6 percentage points, while Governor Romney leads with men by 4 percentage points. ·          President Obama has a 4-point net negative job performance rating. 48 percent do not approve of President Obama’s performance, while 44 percent approve. ·          Just short of half of Pennsylvania likely voters (49 percent) think the country is headed in the wrong direction, while just ov

Recent Ohio Poll....

In the latest marketing poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are in a virtual tie in the key battleground state of Ohio. The poll, conducted on October 18th and 19th, used 1943 likely voters to determine these facts. Of men, Romney leads by six percentage points, 50 to 44 percent. Among women, though, Obama has the lead with a smaller four percent of the lead. In terms of their own political sides, both are doing well to make their respective sides happy. 87 percent of Ohio Democrats plan to vote for Obama and 92 percent of Ohio Republicans plan to vote for Romney. The key independents are mostly for Romney who has 52 percent of the vote. President's Approval Another key factor is the current presidential approval rating. Obama has a negative approval rating of six points, meaning that 50 percent do not approve of the sitting President. 44 percent do. What Do Ohio Voters Think? The survey also pointed out that most Ohio voters