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Florida Poll Shows Romney and Obama...

Results from Florida Likely Voter Survey Methodology Gravis Marketing conducted an automated survey of 1182 likely voters in Florida October 24, 2012. The margin of error for the survey is +/-2.8% and higher for subgroups.   Results shown by gender and party represent those respondents within those subgroups. All numbers shown in the tables represent percentages rounded to the nearest whole percentage. The questions were asked in the order of the question numbers which appear in this report.  Results only include respondents who answered that they were registered voters, somewhat likely, likely, or very likely to vote. The statistical methodology comprised weighing various groups for anticipated voting proportions, by using census data and voter turnout models from previous elections. The poll was conducted on behalf of Gravis Marketing, Inc., Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan marketing and research firm located in Winter Springs, Florida. Contac