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Final New Hampshire, Maine and Iowa Polls: 2012

On November 1, 2012 Gravis Marketing conducted three separate polls in New Hampshire, Iowa, and Florida. Each of these polls surveyed likely voters in these areas, and the responses were examined based on the political party and the gender of those polled. The New Hampshire poll surveyed 497 likely voters. Of those surveyed, 50% of respondents plan to vote for Barack Obama, 49% plan to vote for Mitt Romney, and 1% are undecided. Among men, Romney leads those polled by 55% to 43%, but among women, Obama leads by 55% to 44%. Of the Democrats surveyed, 9% plan to vote for Romney while only 3% of the Republicans surveyed plan to vote for Obama. Obama is trailing Romney slight among Independent voters, 50% of whom plan to vote for Romney while 48% plan to vote for Obama. When asked if they approve of President Obama's job performance, 45% of all voters replied yes, 48% replied no, and 7% were undecided. Women and Democrats were more likely to approve of his performance than me