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Gravis Marketing- Final 2012 Numbers

Gravis Marketing Releases Final Polls in Battleground States/ National Election The final Gravis Marketing polls are in for the 2012 presidential race and the national results are showing a virtual dead-heat between the candidates. In a survey of 872 likely voters conducted November 3-5, 2012, the automated survey shows that Obama leads with early voters by 8%, while Romney has a 2% edge with those who have yet to cast their ballot. When the numbers are compiled, it is a virtual tie at 49% each. This national survey has a +/- 3.4% error of margin. Throughout the election season the Gravis Marketing Poll has been closely mirroring the Real Clear Politics combination poll of 8 national polling services. What is just as significant are the final results from key states that Gravis marketing has put together within the final few hours of this election season. Here are some of the important final state results in the Gravis Marketing Poll: Ohio: Obama 49% - Romney 48% The final automate