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Gravis Marketing Predictive Dialer - Political Marketing 2013

Gravis Marketing has recently introduced a virtual predictive dialer. The dialer is used for political campaigns. They have been successful using the dialer Predictive Dialer - Gravis Marketing for fundraising and get out the vote.

If your political campaign is looking for the critical edge that is provided by timely, accurate, and cost effective methods designed to increase your voter outreach efforts, than you need to set your sites on the advantages presented by a hosted predictive dialer solution that powers a virtual predictive dialer system. Gain the advantages of full automation, which includes more efficient outreach, at a reasonable cost, and with maximum flexibility for your campaign operatives.

As every experienced politico already knows, predictive dialers have been doing the heavy lifting in political marketing efforts for a long time. An effective mechanism for outreach, a predictive dialer is not without its limitations, however. Specifically speaking, campaigns have had to absorb the expense of running and staffing costly call centers, and a measurable amount of time is lost to system idleness. New technology, backed by powerful algorithms, is changing the face of political marketing.

Cloud computing technology unleashes the full potential of multi-site contact centers when married to the right hosted predictive dialer. Operating remotely, campaign volunteers need little more than a stable internet connection and a headset with which to talk to voters. As such, you eliminate expensive seat licenses, arduous maintenance costs, and the need for professional support services to keep the call center operating. Grravis Marketing - Fundraising

Volunteers form a cloud based network that is not dependent on a physically maintained call center. Once a virtual predictive dialing setup is in place, your campaign workers will benefit from enhanced productivity and superior results. Utilizing a hosted dialer, the activities of your volunteer force will be turbocharged by powerful predictive algorithms. These algorithms determine which volunteers will be connected to which voter, and in the most efficient way as possible. With the system doing all the dialing, your volunteers can concentrate on delivering the candidate’s message through the usage of enhanced scripts, voter ID functions, and political surveys. Predictive Dialing - Gravis Marketing

Regardless of the phase of the election your campaign finds itself in, virtual predictive dialing should play a prominent place in boosting your chances for electoral success. Whether you are gearing up for the primary election with pre-campaign polling samples, or you are seeking a mid-campaign mobilization boost, predictive dialing can take away the busy work that’s slowing down your volunteer’s productivity. You will find that when it’s time to reach out to the voters you need for information and support that you can trust that a hosted dialer will

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