Saturday, November 2, 2013

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We were recently mentioned in the Orlando Sentinel, we set up a donation page for the brave juror in the Zimmerman case. Donation Page


A Central Florida employer is offering a job to the George Zimmerman juror who says her life was ruined by the trial.

Doug Kaplan, managing partner at Gravis Marketing, said an "Inside Edition" report on juror Maddy's plight "hit a nerve."

Maddy said she had a lost friends and a full-time nursing home job because she served on the jury that acquitted Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin's fatal shooting. Maddy also revealed that she has received death threats and that her family is close to being evicted from her four-bedroom home in Seminole County.

"I can help the juror with employment if needed," Kaplan said in an email to me. "We are a political polling and consulting firm in Winter Springs, and have a call center that makes outbound phone calls. I think when someone does civic duty, to have to deal with this nonsense is un-American."

I passed his comment on to "Inside Edition," which sent it to Maddy. The program said Friday it was waiting to hear her thoughts about a job at Kaplan's phone-bank company."Inside Edition" talked to Kaplan for a report that had been scheduled to air Friday. But the report was dropped so the program could cover the shootings at the Los Angeles International Airport.

"It's heartbreaking, this brave, courageous woman," Kaplan told the magazine. "She was doing her civic duty."