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Recent Gravis Marketing poll in the Texas. Republican primary of John Cornyn. Poll Results
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When asked whether they preferred a generic Tea Party candidate over the incumbent Senator John Cornyn III (R-Texas), Texas Republicans favored the Tea Party candidate, according to a recent poll of conservative voters. The poll which was conducted by Gravis Marketing polled 563 registered Republican voters in the state of Texas. Only 33 percent of those polled chose to support Cornyn in a hypothetical primary race against a generic Tea Party candidate while 46 percent chose the generic Tea Party candidate.

In a series of additional questions, the poll named several possible politicians who could face off with Cornyn in a primary race, but none of these politicians garnered the support that the generic Tea Party candidate did. The enthusiastic support for a generic Tea Party candidate over any established members of the Republic party highlights a growing rift in the Republican party, a rift that some have called a "civil war".

The poll continued to question voters about several issues that may define the difference between Tea Party supporters and traditional supporters of the Republican party. When asked about amnesty for illegal aliens, 81 percent of those polled replied that they do not support amnesty, and 79 percent of those polled were eager to support the push against Obamacare.

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