Monday, April 28, 2014

Political Advertising Agency

Political Advertising

Gravis Marketing focuses on creating effective political advertising for candidates that will reach voters through modern day channels that have proven to be effective. Our suite of campaign services will enable your message to reach millions of people through each of our avenues of communication Gravis is a full service political advertising agency. We include services such as mass market advertising, traditional yard signs, multi-channel media outlets and social media.
These services are tailor made for your campaign and will result in cost effective methods to reach the maximum number of voters during your campaign. Gravis Marketing offers a two-step process that creates the most effective campaign advertising possible.

Political Advertising and Polling

We gather information on the voters in your district or state and assist with establishing what voters are thinking and what their big ticket topics are. Understanding the voter landscape is the best way to craft a message that will resonate at the polls.

Through our automatic calling systems we poll voters on the issues that matter to them. This provides the campaign with current and accurate information about what voters care about and what issues will get them to the polls to vote in your favor.
We also provide pertinent market research and voter profiles that help you understand who is in your state or voting district to enable you to better connect with these voters.

Lastly we provide data interpretation and provide strategies to get your message out. Once you understand the needs of the voters and what topics they are passionate about, you can establish a campaign to address those concerns.

Getting the Message Out

Once you have determined what the message to voters needs to be it is necessary to get this message out so voters will understand that you are passionate about these same issues. Through our wide range of services, we enable you to deliver a message in a cost effective manner. This will include campaign signs, television advertising, and mass mailings as traditional ways to reach voters.

Gravis Marketing also provides additional services that create effective campaigns for the 21st century. These campaign advertising strategies can include the following:

  1.  Automatic calling, email, or text messages. Through our political robocall system we can deliver your customized messages to either the mass market or a targeted audience. This allows you to customize your message on the issues voters care about the most. It also provides a way to reach millions of voters in a short period of time.
  2.  Voice recognition software and predictive dialers. These systems provide efficient operations for call centers. Our software enables the automatic dialing of numbers from your voter lists. Calls can be routed based on voice recognition responses. This technology will route calls answered to a live operator and answering machine calls to a recorded message that you have established. This will make the best use of your call center staff and the limited resources of a campaign.
  3.  Full service call centers. For campaigns that do not have the funds to provide a dedicated call center, we can fulfil these needs. Calling is one of the most cost effective ways to reach large numbers of voters during your run for office. We provide an alternative to funding your own call center with our trained staff that can make the calls for you on your requested schedule.
  4.  Voter lists. A campaign is only as good as the voter information available. We offer voter lists for all of your campaign needs. Whether you are looking to use direct mail, email, phone calls or texts, we have the essential data needed to reach voters.

Through our political advertising agency you will have all the resources needed to run a successful campaign. We work as a partner to create the messages that will resonate with voters and enable them to support you in your efforts to represent them in a political office.

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