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Poll CD13 -Gravis Marketing Florida Poll

Poll Results Jolly leads the pack with 34 percent, followed by Peters with 28 percent and Bircher 25 percent, The poll carried a margin of error of 3 percent.xecutive Summary Human Events and Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 976 registered Republican voters in Florida’s 13th Congressional District regarding current events and whom they would likely vote for among the candidates. The poll carries a margin of error of 3%. Overall, the results are: A close race among Jolly, Peters, and Bircher, with all three within striking distance of winning; Very little support for federal regulation of video games or monitoring guns sales (26% and 29% respectively); Voters generally think mothers should not be sent into combat zones (33% think they should); Almost no support for illegal alien amnesty (13% approve). Special Primary Election – Congressional District 13: Plan to Full Gravis Poll Results

MS Poll- Senator Cochran Vs Chris McDaniel | Gravis Marketing

Many people think that Senator Cochran is unbeatable. Some have said that Chris McDaniel is actually announcing the beginning of the end of his political career. However, a recent Human Events and Gravis Marketing poll suggest this may be a tight race. Mississippi Senate election The 2014 Senate election in Mississippi is only just beginning and it already promises to be an interesting race. The incumbent, Senator Cochran, is though to be unbeatable (primarily based on his occupation of the office since 1978). However, the latest Gravis poll shows these candidates are entering the race on even footing. Cochran and McDaniel each have support from 40% of the respondents with only 20% claiming they are unsure which candidate they would vote for. At this point, one of the biggest determining factors of the race may be Tea Party support . Tea Party candidate It's difficult to determine which candidate will carry the support of the Tea Party in this election. On the one hand, Sen