Nevada 2016 US Senate Poll Shows Harry Reid....

Nevada Poll Shows Minority Leader, Downgraded From Majority Leader, May Soon Be Shown The Door

The latest political poll of 955 registered voters coming out Nevada could spell trouble for Harry Reid. The Democratic Minority Leader could be losing his grip on power. First losing his majority status with the landslide midterms, it now looks as if he isnt assured a win in 2016. Being just one of only three other senators to hold the coveted role as Majority Leader for eight years, it could be a quick fall from grace for a man who held one of the most powerful positions in American politics.

A Gravis telephone survey in a series of robo polls  using IVR survey software released February 21, 2015, out of Nevada is speaking volumes for the states political affairs The once all-powerful Reid may be attending his own retirement party soon. Going from majority to minority overnight, it is a hard, fast, and deep fall. Sitting on the sidelines and not being able to hold votes off the Senate floor, while watching the Republicans voice an opinion, is something that he is not used to. Could it be that his minority status was just the first step down on his way out?

The recent Gravis telephone survey was conducted using IVR phone software alongside Nevada registered voter lists. One of the most reliable polls conducted, Gravis has a long history of reliability in the political field, with this recent poll having just a 3 percent margin of error. Gravis is one of the leading political consulting firms in Florida and has developed customer predictive dialing software

When voters were asked if the Senate election were held today who would you vote for, both Republican Adam Laxalt and Brian Krolicki were in the lead 2% and 1% respectively. Although not a huge gap, it gives hopes for a Republican win in 2016. His anti-favorable showing is no surprise to a state that had little enthusiasm last time around when he won against the Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle. Many polled insisted that they only sent him back due to the lack of a formidable adversary on the ballot.

The question as to whether he can hold on to his seat will surface again in 2016, as it did in 2010. Nevada voters were shocked at his ability to pull out a victory last time, but also saw that running against the political steamroller that backs him, is near impossible. Filling the local airwaves with negative, some say borderline dirty ads, there is wonder if anyone could have beat the Reid machine. But will it be the same this time around?

What could derail the machine is the political prospects of Elizabeth Warren. The new darling of the Democratic Party, and hopeful for the 2016 election, would potentially be in the front running for his spot. Could it be that the once almighty-Reid has outrun his purpose, and there is new blood on the horizon? If the Democratic backers that annihilated his opposing candidate last time around are not there to have his back this time, it could be curtains for this establishment politician. Being shown the door may be in his near future.

What is apparent from the poll is that there is the potential for the Republicans to take Nevada in 2016. With a suffering economy and disgruntled business owners looking for a change, it may finally be within reach. Looking for a Nevada's economic savior in a Republican candidate, they may be able to rid themselves of Weeble-Harry, who keeps wobbling but won't fall down. Gravis also provides political fundraising and can be contacted at 800-371-3129 Nevada Poll Results. 

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