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Nevada 2016 US Senate Poll Shows Harry Reid....

Nevada Poll Shows Minority Leader, Downgraded From Majority Leader, May Soon Be Shown The Door The latest political poll of 955 registered voters coming out Nevada could spell trouble for Harry Reid. The Democratic Minority Leader could be losing his grip on power. First losing his majority status with the landslide midterms, it now looks as if he isn ’ t assured a win in 2016. Being just one of only three other senators to hold the coveted role as Majority Leader for eight years, it could be a quick fall from grace for a man who held one of the most powerful positions in American politics. A Gravis telephone survey in a series of robo polls  using IVR survey software released February 21, 2015, out of Nevada is speaking volumes for the state ’ s political affairs The once all-powerful Reid may be attending his own retirement party soon. Going from majority to minority overnight, it is a hard, fast, and deep fall. Sitting on the sidelines and not being able to hold votes off