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Leading DC Florida Political Consulting Firm Announces New List Of Services

Gravis Consulting Will Make Your Campaign Successful Text Gravis Marketing, a leading (DC Florida)  political consulting firm which specializes in political advertising and public relations to help you get your candidate elected or your issue passed with our new turnkey advertising solution.  We help you with the three main elements of a successful campaign: We help you understand the voting demographics, We help you formulate your message in a way to help it connect positively with more people, especially with targeted voters, We will help you determine the best way to spread your message to maximum number of the potential voters. Polling and Market Research We can help you find out what your customers or constituents are thinking, and we can help you determine how to leverage that information to your benefit. Political Robocall Services We can help you with surveys, polls, and other information through political robocalls so you’ll know the informatio