Gravis Marketing Polls Montana and Georgia

Gravis Marketing has started releasing polls in 2017. We released two polls in the last week, 2018 Ohio Poll and 2017 Montana special election poll. Reported By Orlando Political Observer "The state of Montana hasn’t voted a democrat into its House seat in over twenty years. Gianforte is campaigning on his promise to create jobs, and on claims that Rob Quist is not a serious candidate. Quist has a great deal of local support due to his mainstream and progressive policies. As well as his affinity for the region as he is seen as a genuine Montana. Gianforte has only lived in the state for just over twenty years. Gianforte’s previous lead of more than twenty points gave republicans a great deal of hope in closing the linchpin on their majority in Congress. That lead has now shrunk to 6 in the latest Gravis Marketing Montana special election poll. Gravis Marketing Montana special election results "

"Bloomberg Politics rated the polling organizations’ predictions of the results of the 2016 primaries, it found that Gravis Marketing’s results were 95 percent accurate for the contests it covered, the highest rating of any organization. Gravis Marketing and it's President Bobby Hymel  Featured in the Orlando Sentinel"


Ohio Poll Results reported on the Gravis Marketing website  "Gravis asked how Brown would fare against two possible Republican opponents. Josh Mandel had the support of 45 percent, while 42 percent supported Brown and 13 percent were unsure. But Republican Pat Tiberi pulled 41 percent to Brown’s 43 percent, with 16 percent unsure. Because the margin of error was 2.7 percent, however, Mandel has only a slight lead over Brown, while the race between Brown and Tiberi is too close to call.

2018 Race For Governor Ohio Poll

Looking ahead to the 2018 gubernatorial primaries, 41 percent of those polled planned to vote in the Democratic primary. Nearly 51 percent would vote in the Republican primary, while 8 percent were undecided.

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