Gravis Marketing Auto Dialer Software

Auto Dialer Software 

Maximizing your brand’s identity while increasing sales through effective communication can feel overwhelming, time consuming and downright impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Now you can reach out to your contacts faster and triple the amount of calls your company makes each day with our easy-to-use telemarketing software. Finally, with the intelligent technology of the telephone dialer and secondary hosted dialer, you can get the results you want with much less effort than ever before in your live call center or virtual center! With real-time monitoring and constant, immediate access to customer information, you have the answers to increased sales at your fingertips.
The non-stop, fast pace world we live in is merciless for companies using old technology.  Without efficient, resourceful communication, the business will fail.

Telephone Dialer 

Start using a telephone dialer today and don’t let any more leads fall through the cracks! Now all the telephone numbers of your hottest leads are dialed first on behalf of an agent from your company. Instead of manual phone calls occupying so much of your staff’s time, you will find dramatically increased speed and a much more efficient workplace. Improve productively and develop a cost-effective use of company time through this innovative telemarketing software. Using an auto dialer service means you significantly enhance your phone calling capabilities and increase the number of phone calls made each minute. There is even potential for automated email and voice messaging to ensure greater call-back potential.  By using a secondary hosted dialer you eliminate the hassles of manual dialing and boost productivity - ultimately driving sales!  

Auto Phone Dialer 

With an auto phone dialer, you can manage the needs of your business and still juggle the innumerable other concerns that come with running a company. This web-based system is a type of predictive dialer that uses computer technology to make all of the calls for you. Because it is web-based, there’s no software to install. You can get started right away – TODAY! 

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